About Marissa

The most amazing things in life come, simply, from two people falling in love. Wife, mother, sister, daughter – those are a few of the weighty titles bestowed upon me. Yet my life’s direction has been determined more by being a wife – and subsequently, a mother – than anything else. Fundamentally, it is because of the way love shapes and frames the world that I chose to make it my work.

I enjoy building strong relationships, managing details, and connecting people. These skills were honed as the Sales and Marketing Director for two Colorado Springs event venues and later as Colorado’s Account Manager for MyWedding.com.

Therefore, Yibe, while a generally meaningless quirky word, is the culmination of my professional experience and the beautiful things that experience has enabled me to be a part of. Life is a silly and unknown adventure, after all. Isn’t it nice to know someone who can connect the dots?

In case you were wondering:

  • I am known to cry at every wedding ceremony.
  • I sleep like a baby on freshly washed and still warm sheets.
  • If it’s sweet and cake-like, I’m game.  No, seriously..
  • It took me a bit to figure it out, but there is no way I can ever have fewer than two dogs at one time.
  • I’m really good at reading stories to my son and really, REALLY bad at laundry.
  • My eyes are so blue, I once had someone ask if I drank Windex.
  • I’d rather be among the trees in Aspen than anywhere else in the world.

A special thank you to the wonderful photographers who provided images for this website: Allison Easterling Photography, Ashley Durham Studios, Cat Mayer Studio, Jamie Smith Photography, Rouxby Photography, and Sarah Roshan Photography.