By Marissa

I grew up in a household that loved pretty papers and fancy pens, my mother practicing her hand at calligraphy often.  The quality of my handwriting was always very important, it seemed.  Since then, the neatness of my handwriting has been commented on frequently and I have come to appreciate lovely handwriting in others as well.


Just as handwriting may be indicative of our own personalities, the fonts and writing included in your wedding’s print pieces can also create a look and feel that compliments it’s look and feel.


Luckily, graphic designers have spent a great deal of time creating fonts that mimic personal writing styles – making it easier than ever to provide a completely personal look without the time or cost associated with hand lettering.  (See also this Wedding Chicks article on how to “fake” calligraphy.)

But for some, a personal calligrapher is of utmost importance – and they are still around.  I’ve even tried to convince my mom that she should consider marketing her experienced calligraphy services (Hi, Mom!), to no avail.  If you have to have it, let’s chat.  I’ll find the person who can help.

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  1. Mom
    March 27, 2013 at 4:19 pm (9 years ago)

    I am touched that my pensmanship and love of the written word left such an impression. Oh, and….I am happy to provide calligraphy services if needed…I love you Marissa and your ventures here will be grande…you have the perfect heart and the attention to the meaningful details that make weddings beyond special.


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